Why do an Internship?

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Employers increasingly want to see experience in the new college grads they hire.

Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates

You could earn college credit toward your degree.

Internships enable you take your career plan for a test drive and make sure you are on the right career path.

You’ll gain valuable understanding of your major field and be better able to grasp how your coursework is preparing you to enter your chosen career.

You will gain confidence, increase your business network and improve your cv.

Some even say that the travel and life experience acquired through internships abroad is arguably even more important than the professional experience.

During an internship abroad, you will be challenged to adapt both personally and professionally, and the payoff of this adaptation will be enormous. Intercultural communication is a vitally important part of the modern professional world, so employers will drool over the fact that you have already undertaken an internship abroad, and therefore have experience in a multicultural environment. By leaving the comforts of home to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture, you will be pushing the boundaries of what you are capable of. ‘’IT CAN BE THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME’’