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Have you thought about the benefits of hosting an international intern?


Host company

  • Organizations and businesses can benefit from creative support and fresh perspectives.
  • Hosting interns can also be a cost-effective way to recruit and train/evaluate potential employees .
  •  All our interns are highly skilled and dedicated to gaining hands on experience whilst in Ireland.
  • Internship programs can range from 4 weeks – 12 weeks
  • International  interns are eager and committed to training
  • Many of our interns speak 2-3 languages that can benefit a host organisation by offering links overseas.
  • There is no payment required either to the intern or INTERNSPLUS.


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Intern Feedback

First I’d like to thank you for providing me the best work experience I’ve ever had. Working at CADFEM has been enormously important to my career plans. It gave me many directions which wasn’t clear before. CADFEM are great professionals, and I am trying to make everyday a chance to learn something.

Thank you again for the effort to make this happen,


As this past academic year has come to a close, I want to express my gratitude to you and InternsPlus for assisting and guiding Loras College students through their internships this past semester. Dr. Davis and the students have reflected very positively stating that the internship had very nicely complemented their academic experiences in Dublin. Many students continue to express how invaluable this opportunity was for them to grow and mature within their professional field. In fact there are several internship sites that we would be delighted to have Loras students serving in the future;


Thank you INTERNSPLUS, for all you have done in supporting students toward high-quality internship opportunities throughout Dublin.




Just to quickly let you know that we received an absolutely amazing feedback from Carolin  about everything – our pre-departure work, your support in Ireland, her placement and especially her homestay.

So big thanks for all your work,


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Responsibilities of a Host

What’s Required?

If you are interested in hosting an intern, please send us a short description of the available role together with an outline of the skills set you would require.  If there is a particular language requirement i.e. very high level of English or native speaker of another language please also include this information. Finally please give us the dates you have availability and the minimum duration  of internship you would accept.


There is no payment required by you to register on our database or to send us your vacancy information, also there is no obligation for you to pay the intern as it is an unpaid internship.

What should you provide.

Interns can be  fast learners and given the right direction and support, can work out very well in a support capacity for their Host Company.  Obviously interns  want to develop their skills whenever possible, not just practice what they already know for the entire stay – so its important that a variety of tasks are assigned to them so they can learn as much as possible. They should work normal work hours the same as any employee in your company with the usual tea/coffee breaks and lunch.